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Simple Observations

Simple Observations

MMayville St Sceneain Street Mayville participated in a webinar today where we were encouraged to share a compelling story about why our nonprofit organization has value. How do we sum up in a single sentence why it’s important to have a thriving downtown? Today from my office, I made a point when looking out over my computer, to observe the everyday life happening around me. Even in the occasional, quick moment here and there, it was lovely to really pay attention to everything beautiful I witnessed. I watched as two friends embraced as they met outside a restaurant. I saw a little bird build its nest in the tree in front of my window. I watched some young teens out for a jog and enjoy the safety of our street. I heard laughter as some gentlemen pushed babies in strollers. I saw a truck drive, offer a quick honk and friendly wave as he drove by someone he knew. People popping in and out of businesses and everyday life was happening all around me and It. Is. Good. I feel proud that we have this lovely little district creating opportunities for gathering, business, exercise, goods & services, and even places where birds and people can settle in. Have a great night, Mayville.

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