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I could find all kinds of clichés

I could find all kinds of clichés


I could find all kinds of clichés to help make my point about how important I believe history to be.  Although, you may totally bust me making up dates when trying to be accurate about some of Mayville’s history, because, unlike my dad Merle Justman who can spout off baseball stats from 50 years ago (or tell you the exact date he bought his 3rd car or wore brown pants), I did not inherit the gift of factual data memory.

But I love story telling.  And not just the kind from books. I love it through plays & music.  I love it around a camp fire, or card game, or kitchen table. I also love the story telling that is a little less obvious, like a lipstick stain on a vintage gown, a tear in an old felt hat, or the lingering smell of cologne on a man’s necktie.  I love picturing the camera’s *flash* as I try to decipher the story behind a black & white moment in time, captured brilliantly through Edgar G. Mueller’s creative lens.  I love finding it in the gentle crumbles of a brick façade and the chipped paint on an architectural medallion. I even love the creak of wooden staircases, and can’t help but think how all of the shoes over time may have sounded differently on its boards.  It’s the stories of history that seem to whisper that quietly pull me in.  Once I get lost in these stories, I get a glazed, dreamy look in my eyes as I am already setting the story to a soundtrack of a tinkering piano or, in Mayville’s case, maybe Dick Ruedebusch’s trumpet, or the OOM-PAH-PAH of a polka tune in the background.

When I heard about the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation’s idea of a statewide “Downtown Open House” (an opportunity to highlight and share bits of history with our citizens and beyond), it felt like a great way to tell (and hear) some lovely stories.  So I invite you treat yourself this Saturday anytime from 10am-5pm to this free event in Mayville.  There will be an hourly presentation at the Limestone School Museum (215 North Main) on the history of Mayville’s Iron Industry.  Watch the Marsh movie in the lower level of the Audubon Inn (45 North Main) on the Le Petite Theater’s 110” screen.  Bask in the beautifully assembled Historic Bridal Gown Exhibit at the Historical Society (inside the home of the Hollenstein Wagon & Carriage Factory Museum, 1 North German).  Watch the live Window Runway as we present decades of design with a Vintage Fashion show assembled by Sweet Ginger Vintage and the Ruedebusch Beauty Boutique Stylists in the Ruedebusch Building (119 South Main).  We also have invited owners of classic and antique cars to come on down and park on Main for a POP UP car show (if you have one, bring it down to be admired!)

I look forward to seeing you on Main!

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